Thursday, August 25, 2011

Traveling West 2011 8-22

On the Road Again Monday Aug. 22.

The scenery is just so impressive.

Mistaya Canyon and rapids. Picture can not tell the magnitude of the rushing water. In all of these falls and rapids it is a battle. Who will win...the rocks, and divert the water, or the water wins. It goes it's direction and as it does it wears away the rocks.

Water won. Pots are created by the force of the water grind rock particles with such force it wears the rock away.

Glacier afar. The melting snow and ice transform itself to a tiny trickle, into a roaring stream into a quiet lake.

The aboriginals used this pass for 500 generations. We were traveling thru a valley with mountains on either side that measured as much as 3600 meters.

Athabasca Glacier. To get the concept of how large it is, in the lower mid-right corner is the parking lot. This glacier is as deep as the Eiffel Tower is tall.

Hiked to within 40 feet of the glacier.

Model in the Icefield Centre showing how huge the Icefield is. Spanning at least 8 glaciers.

Athabasca River and Falls. Again the power and roar of the water can not be realized until seen in person.

Rock "Traveler" at the quiet Athabasca River after the Falls. There were at least 20 such Travelers. All so unique. Precious to see.

Maligne Canyon and Falls. I never tire of seeing different falls, rivers, rapids and lake.

Medicine Lake. The Indians named it that because it was magic how the lake would disappear. Eventually it was learned that there are splits under the lake and the water filters to the Maligne River.

Part of the Lake is already drying up.

About 14 Bighorn sheep meandering along the road.

What a treat to see a black bear.

And her two cubs eating berries and shrubs.

A grizzly bear enjoying some berries. NO, we do NOT get out to the RV to take pictures of bears.

On the suspension bridge over the Maligne River.

As we started for a walk, we were surprised to see this elk at the campsite next to ours. We are at Whistlers Campground in Jasper National Park.

Another day of unbelievable sights, thrills in seeing so many different wildlife animals and meeting interesting people. Best wishes to the two couples we talked to who are interested in getting a Roadtrek. It's a GREAT way to travel and see the country(ies)!!!!!

Location:Banff and Jasper National Parks

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