Friday, August 19, 2011

Traveling West 2011 8-14, 15 & 16

On the Road Again Sunday Aug. 14 to St. Raphael Church for 9 am Mass. A priest representing a mission said the Mass. He talked about supporting a child from another country. He was very inspiring. We talked to some parishioners after Mass. When the Great Northern Railway first arrived the town of Glasgow was called "Siding 45." The first Catholic Mass was said in 1890 and St. Raphael's first building was built in 1895. After a fire the current church was built in 1935.

Next stop Havre's (pronounced Hav er) Clack Museum.

Learned about homesteading (Diorama) First years they lived in an earth home.

Coal mining still going on in Montana. We saw trains hauling coal.

First camera in Havre

A cast of Lameosaurine egg clutch. Montana is "Dinosaur country."" Many discoveries have been made in the state. There are many dinosaur museums.

Montana is called the BIG SKY. You can see forever. Also we saw a lot of trains as the tracks parallel Hwy. 2.

We camped at Riverside RV Park in Cut Bank, MT. This metal stature was on the property overlooking Hwy. 2.

On the Road Again Monday Aug. 15. Happy birthday to my Mom. It would have been her 90th. But she is celebrating in person with the Lord.

On our way to Glacier National Park. Oh how beautiful and awesome.

We hiked to the Hidden Lake Overlook. It was beautiful. VERY windy but awesome. This is at Logan Pass where the elevation is 6646 feet. We hiked another 450 feet in elevation.

This mountain goat was within 3 feet of us. He was on a MISSION to get food.

1.5 miles and half was thru snow and sometimes UP hill in snow. We were so grateful for our walking sticks. We even wished we had TWO. It was treacherous on the snow.

We thought we crossed all the snow and around another corner was more snow to trek through. Many people were slipping and sliding. We did too even with our sticks.

We were forewarned.

We made it thru the snow. The visitor center is a tiny speck down the valley. Lot easier down than up. What a feeling of accomplishment.

We saw sheep grazing as we were heading back to our campsite.

Great drop offs. They are improving the road plus repairing where it was washed out by landslides.

We took the shuttle bus. Traffic going up the "Going to the Sun" road was crowded. We had to wait due to the road construction area several times. There was one way traffic. These are boulders used along the side of the road.

On the Road Again Tuesday Aug. 13. Happy birthday to our granddaughter, Teagan. Look forward to seeing you soon.

We took the shuttle to Lake McDonald on the west side. The glacier melt off makes the color of the water a beautiful blue. The weather on the west side of Glacier Park is warmer and has more moisture.

We hiked the Trail of the Cedars. The cedars are between 4 and 7 feet wide.

Uprooted tree. Shallow roots makes them susceptible to uprooting when a fierce storm goes thru.

Avalanche Gorge. This was my favorite spot so far. The color of the water...the water rushing down stream. So impressive and moving!!!!!

I think this is Heaven's Peak.

An elk near the highway.

Jackson Glacier. There had been 150 glaciers hundreds of years ago. Now only 25. By 2020 they may all be melted away. In my opinion, it's an breath taking park to see all the trees, lakes, waterfalls, wildlife. The glaciers will be missed but there is so much NATURE to see and marvel at.

This deer came right up to the road.

We didn't cross the suspension bridge because we were heading a different direction. But we had to walk up on it.

We have not had Internet or cell phone connection so not been able to post. Sorry for the delay. Glacier Park has pay phones so we were able to call our kids and check in with them. Now off to Canada.


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