Friday, August 19, 2011

Traveling West 2011 8-17 & 18

On the Road Again Wednesday Aug. 17 by shuttle bus. I sat by a young lady from Israel. She's traveling with her husband & 4 children, touring Glacier and then Yellowstone. They flew into Seattle, rented a RV. A different year they went to Iceland. Her job is doing biology research. One project she is working on is better packing for fresh vegetables. Phil talked with a guy from Canada. He's a rancher and grows canola and canary seed.

To St. Mary's Falls. Just breathtaking. Again the beautiful blue glacier water.

Saw a deer along the trail.

On our way to Virginia Falls. So many amazing falls along the trail.

Virginia Falls. Amazing.

Can I have two more favorite places in Glacier? These two Falls are phenomenal!!!! St. Mary's and Virginia Falls. Definitely worth the hikes.

We stopped at St Mary's Fall to eat our peanut butter sandwiches.

Another deer along the trail. Notice, photos are taken of his rear.....not coming at us.

Now hiking along St. Mary Lake. The Lake is 9.9 miles long and 289 feet deep.

Amazed to look back and pick out in the forest....the Virginia Falls.

Because our first hike was up to 7,000 feet it was cold and very windy. We dressed warm enough the first day and thought it would be that cool every day. It wasn't. We really appreciated the wind off the lake.

Beautiful Baring Falls.

Arch supporting the Going to the Sun Road. Passed under to get to....

Sunrift Gorge, a spectacular view of gorge carved by the water. Photos cannot do justice to this sight.

Waterfall flowing from Sunrift Gorge. We hiked 4.5 miles today. Talked with many people along the way.

On the Road Again Thursday Aug. 18.

What a beautiful sight to wake up to from our campsite.

In the distance a triple peak mountain, a 3 sided pyramid. The water flows in 3 directions: Pacific Ocean, Hudson Bay and Gulf of Mexico.

Many Glacier.

We saw Momma bear and two cubs.

Many Glacier area.

Cattle along the hwy. One really kick up his heels as he went to the side of the road.

Saw a grizzly bear (about 5 feet tall) along the side of the road. By the time I got the camera he was in the brush.

Beautiful lake and mountains.

In CANADA, Waterton National Park. Unusual geologically that the mountains immediately descent into prairie.

Prince of Wales Hotel, before the town of Waterton.

The Hotel opened in 1927, during America's Prohibition. It has continued to be very popular for Canadians as well as visitors from the U. S. And many from around the world.

Young deer frolicking thru the city park and Mom coming after.

Hiking the Cameron Lakeshore Trail.

Beautiful wildflowers.

Cowslip paisley really attracts the insects.

Canoeing and paddle boats for rent at Cameron Lake.

Commemoration of oil wells in Alberta. Bears rolled in oil to get rid of insects. Aboriginals used oil as medicine. Oil was successfully mined in 1902. Attempts were made as early as 1880's.

Coming down from Akamina Parkway at this lookout can see our campground for Waterton National Park, Townsite.

We drove out to Bison Paddock. Saw 11 bison.

They crossed the road ahead of us.

Red rock in this mountain.

Another incredible amazing day!

Eating at Elk & Oarsman in Banff so we are using their wifi so can post the blogs.

Location:Glacier and Waterton National Parks, MT and Alberta, Canada

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