Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Arches National Park, 4/10/12

Arches National Park, 4/10/12: On the Road Again to discover more marvels at Arches National Park Tuesday Apr. 10.

Tunnel Arch

Pine Tree Arch

Landscape Arch. On 9/1/91 hikers heard thunder, cracking and popping. A 60 ft. rock fell on this Arch. 180 tons of rock. Hikers can not longer hike under the Arch.

The juniper are struggle so hard for survival. I always marvel at the weathered look.

Can you see the kid walking at the "v" section of the wall?

Hiking to the Skyline Arch. In 1940 a large boulder fell off the Arch doubling the current size. Now the opening is double, 71 ft. wide and 33.5 ft. high.

Two girls were on the Arch. The Arch is accessible from the Campground area.

Some of the boulders that fell in1940.

Sand Dune Arch. It was like a beach area. The .3 mile hike was through deep sand.

Hike was through fins.

Very tall fins.

A red rock with polka dots cause by bacteria growing.

Delicate Arch is also called "Cowboy Chaps" or "Old Maid Bloomers.". It is 45 ft. high and 33 ft. wide.

We were FAR from the Arch. We did not take the strenuous hike to walk under the Arch.

We made an "easier" 1 mile 61 ft. elevation hike.

Taken from the moving RV but thought one spire looks like King Tut.

We have traveled a LOT of switchbacks and windy roads.

Traveling along the Colorado River we saw the Jug Handle Arch.

We stayed at Horsethief BLM. Dry camping again, Very nice area, spacious sites and great price of $6. We would stay here again.

Beautiful sunset ends another wonderful day of discovering our amazing U.S.A.

Location:Moab, UT.

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