Thursday, April 5, 2012

Capital Reef National Park, 4/5/12

Capital Reef National Park, 4/5/12: On the Road Again Thursday Apr. 5 to complete the scenic drive through Capital Reef National Park that we didn't finish yesterday.

It's a twisty paved road with speed limit of 10 mph.

We left the paved road and traveled the unpaved road through Capitol Gorge. This unpaved road was the main road through the Park until 1962 when Hwy. 24 was built. When a flash flood would go through the road had to be cleared of rocks, boulders and debris.

We parked at the Trailhead for the Capitol Gorge hike.

Indian petroglyphs.

Interesting part of the hike was seeing the Pioneer Registry.

Travelers in the 19th and 20th century passing through etched in the canyon walls.

It's illegal, a $250 fine, to write or scratch on the walls today.

We are learning a lot about geology. Here is cross bedding. Evidence sand was deposited by large migrating sand dunes.

When we hiked up the rocky trail in Zion I didn't take photos. Today I remembered to take photos.

After a rainstorm a "Tank" would provide desperately needed water for the desert animals.

At first I thought this was a rope lying on the ground. It is part if a shrub branch. The natives would use this for a rope.

Another view of the road cars traveled until 1962. It is no long accessible to motor vehicles.

The mail carrier delivered the mail to boxes nailed to what is called the Mail Tree. The area was settled in 1880.

Camping again at Capitol Reef National Park on the B loop. Our loop has a refurbished bathroom. The other two loops' bathrooms were not refurnished. But as in many National Parks the bathroom only has cold water. But for $5.00 a night, I'm not complaining. Plus grateful the bathroom has electricity so I can brew coffee, dry and curl my hair. Talking to another camper last night she said she appreciates reading blogs that talk about the campsite. We loved this campground and would stay again.
Location:Torrey, UT.

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