Monday, April 2, 2012

Zion National Park, UT., 4/2/12

Zion National Park, UT., 4/2/12: On the Trails Again Monday Apr. 2 to discover Zion National Park.

The morning clouds reflect the red rocks.

We took the shuttle bus to the farthest point to hike the Riverwalk. It was chilly (42) and windy, extremely windy. We hustled along on the walk to get warmed up.

The rock formations are amazing

Sunshine reflected in the crystal clear water.

Men at work. They are dressed warmly too. The Riverwalk hike is wheelchair accessible so they are removing a portion of the walk that was uneven. The hike is 2.2 miles with a 57 ft. elevation. LOTS of people. It's spring break.

Man dumping sand that was along the sidewalk. It had rained yesterday and sand washed on the walk. Students were sweeping the walk.

A couple was planning to hike the trail beyond the narrows. He tried to cross part way but came back to the shore. It was deep where he turned around. Wonder if they decided to go on.

Next hike to the Weeping Wall. Hike is .4 mile with a 98 ft. elevation, sometimes steep. Possibly you can see the water coming off the edge of the wall, in the lower left corner.

Varied colors of rocks at the Weeping Wall.

After our sandwich lunch we embarked on the trail to the Emerald Pools.

This is the overhang the water was shooting off of.

Phil following other along the path under the overhang. Hike to this point is .6 mile with an easy 69 ft. elevation. Again lots of people.

We continued the hike another 1 mile to the Upper Emerald Pool. Elevation 200 ft. The hike was covered with a lot of tipsy turvy rocks to climb over. Again lots of people. By this time we warmed up so shed some of our layers.

It seemed the water evaporated before it reached the ground.

A massive boulder (8 by 8 ft. square) under the waterfall. It was a very ROCKY hike up. We are so glad we have hiking boots and walking sticks.

On the way down we took the 1 mile Kayenta Trail. The descent was 150 ft. As one couple said, much easier going down than going up. One cactus looks like a smiley Mickey Mouse, right?!

A view of the Virgin River.

Part of the path, but this is very structured. We did the entire hike and had a great feeling of satisfaction. We did 5 miles of hiking plus walking to the shuttle stop.

This mountain is called Angel's Landing. We did NOT climb this strenuous trail. We were told the path has chains to hold onto as you pass the area where the path is a foot wide.

We drove to Kolob Canyon on the western side of Zion National Park.

How very exhilarating and impressive.

Every switchback along the road brought more amazement. Just a breathtaking place.

Phil calls these landscape boulders. They seem to be at least 6 to 8 feet in size. So very glad we made this extra trip.

Staying again at Zion National Park.
Location:Zion National Park, UT.

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