Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Capital Reef National Park, UT, 4/4/12 continued

Capital Reef National Park, UT, 4/4/12 continued: On a scenic drive Wednesday Apr. 4 through Capital Reef National Park.

Close up of what may be considered the "reef" portion of Capital Reef National Park.

As I said earlier it is amazing to see such varied landscape.

Here are pieces of gypsum that the sun makes sparkle like crystals.

The Oyler Mine produced some of the richest uranium but deposits were small.

Driving the Grand Wash unpaved road needed to be slow and vigilance of wash outs and rocks.

Phil starting the Grand Wash hike

I am dwarfed in the canyon.

Imagine the rushing water that cause the formation of these swirls in the rock.

Phil continuing along the path.

Interesting to see rocks sitting in this pock hole one the wall of the canyon.

That pock hole is 4 ft. above Phil. The rocks had to be put there by water rushing through the canyon, not by humans.

Tour group of students from Bavaria. Again we chatted with some great people along the way especially a couple from OR. and Bob and Diane from UT. We weren't going to hike much today but just got carried along on this interesting 4.8 mile hike. We were so tired we could hardly finish our nightly card game.
Location:Torrey, UT.

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