Sunday, April 8, 2012

Cortez, Co & Canyonland National Park, UT., 4/8/12

Cortez, Co & Canyonland National Park, UT., 4/8/12: On the Road Again Easter Sunday Apr. 8 to Mass at St Margaret Mary, Cortez, CO.

Passing Church Rock north of Monticello on Hwy. 191.

Newspaper Rock on Hwy. 211. Petroglyphs from 2000 years ago.

Made by Archaic, Basketmaker, Fremont and Pueblo cultures.

Wooden Shoe Arch at Canyonland National Park.

Interesting rock formations at this Park are MUSHROOMS.

We hiked to the overlook.

Rocks are really huge here.

We were fortunate to get the last campsite at the Squaw Flat campground.

The write up said each campsite had a stone wall at its rear. Sure enough. I made ham, mashed potatoes green beans for our Easter dinner. We had Phil's favorite sweet for dessert....chocolate covered peanuts.
Location:Cortez, Co & Canyonland National Park, UT.

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