Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kodachrome Basin State Park, 4/3/12, continued

Kodachrome Basin State Park, 4/3/12, continued: On the trails in Kodachrome Basin State Park, 4/3/12, part two.

This area is called the Grand Staircase which covers 1.9 million acres from northern Arizona into Utah. Majestic colors all around.

We hiked Angel's Palace Trail. The campground below.

Another view. Our RV below. We are 150 feet up.

I got fantastic photos when I went out on the ledge. This was Phil's idea to come up here. (He who is afraid of heights!)

Beyond is Bryce Canyon. It was exhilarating. We could see for miles and miles. My favorite vista so far on this 9 1/2 week trip.

The most distinctive feature (besides the dynamic colors) of the Park is gray sedimentary pipes.

One of 67 sedimentary rocks in the Park.

The road out of the Park.

Photos just cannot do justice to the beauty of the Park. After a visit in 1949 the National Geographic Society with the consent of Kodak Film Corp. named the Park Kodachrome Basin. The ever changing colors and the blue sky make this a magnificent visual experience.

Location:Cannonville, UT.

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