Monday, April 9, 2012

Canyonland National Park, 4/9/12

Canyonland National Park, 4/9/12: On the Road Again Monday Apr. 9 to see some more sights in Canyonland National Park. But first have to tell you about last night's adventure. We were going for a walk and met a couple heading to the Ranger Program. Met another guy and he said this trail is shorter. We never made it to the Program.

We started on the trail. BUT soon we were going up huge boulders and kept going up AND up. Heard voices. It was the Camp Hosts on the peak of the boulders ("mountain") talking on their cell phone. Yes, we have reception up here, they said. We could see the A campground about 70 feet below but couldn't see a safe way down. Then the guy who directed us appeared. He said come this way. We started the hike at 7:10. Got down the "mountain" about 7:40. Before starting back to the B campground we talked to a fellow Roadtrek couple from CO. Then we talked to Colyn, who helped us off the "mountain" and Ann, his wife. Their vehicle is similar to ours. So neat to exchange stories. But we knew we had to get back to our campsite. It was getting dark. We knew we were walking the road, not over the "mountain." We did some pretty fast walking. When we turned the bend for the B campground we had the last of twilight. It was very helpful because we had started out for a little stroll and had no flashlights. Just chalk it up to another experience for us. Never know how the day or evening will turn out.

As we were walking last night Phil said where is the full moon? Well here it is in the morning. You can see some of where we climbed last night.

We hiked to Pothole Point. Found a broken arch.

Saw the "Needles."

Beautiful paintbrush flowers.

Then we hiked the Cave Spring Trail. First this overhang area was used by the Pueblos.

Remnants of an old cowboy camp.

It was an open air bunkhouse.

Under another overhang were Indian Pictographs.

The trail led us up one ladder.

And then a second ladder.

To a panorama view of the area. Just spectacular! See the mushroom rock formations.

Again so neat to see what I call the little travelers leading us on the path.

Not all rocks are red.

Phil walking under the overhang.

Another view of the mushroom rocks before we leave the "Needles" section of Canyonland.

Traveling on Hwy. 191 we see Wilson Arch.
Location:Canyonland National Park

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