Sunday, April 1, 2012

Zion National Park, UT. 4/1/12

Zion National Park, UT. 4/1/12: On the Road Again Sunday Apr. 1 to Zion National Park.

Bryce Canyon Airport. 47 degrees when we left Bryce but temp. fell to 37 as we drove. It was rainy part of the way and even a few snow flurries.

Approaching the 1.1 mile long tunnel. There are height and width restrictions for vehicles going through the tunnel but we were fine. The tunnel was completed in 1930. Vehicle were not the size they are today. If a vehicle is a certain size it needs escort for $15 because traffic needs to be one way. Larger vehicles can only enter Zion from the west.

Interesting rock formation.

Traveling down into the Canyon.

After getting our campsite in the South Campground of Zion National Park we took the shuttle bus from the Visitors Center to tour the Park, an 80 minute ride. The buses started running today so our timing was perfect. We got of at the Museum to watch the video about the Park and learn the history of the Park. When we got back on the bus we sat down and there across from us were Elsa and Henry from Alberta (we met them at Bryce). They had just completed a hike. We were able to chat with them again.

The parking lot at the Visitors Center for RV's. As we travel we see so many rental RV's. In this parking lot 20 of 25 parked were rentals. Families from the U.S. and many foreign countries rent the RV and see our fine country.

It was rainy for about an hour after the shuttle bus ride, gave us a change to rest. This is the first rainy day on our trip (day 66).

Looking forward to a sunny day tomorrow.
Location:Zion National Park

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