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Canyonlands National Park & Colorado National Monument 4/11/12

Canyonlands National Park & Colorado National Monument 4/11/12: On the Road Again Wednesday Apr. 11 to tour Canyonland National Park.

Viewing the canyons along the scenic drive through the Park.

Road below was made when uranium was mined on the land before it was named a National Park in 1964.

Buck Canyon

What is this? Seems unusual because of the gray in the middle. It's a cloud.

White Rim on top of the canyon.

Interesting to see the white rock above the red rocks.

We have often seen the fencing using the dead trees.

We hiked to Grand View Point. If you look close you can see a gap between the rock formations.

A close up of the separated formations. They used to be connected but erosion has separated them.

The Lady with Breadbasket rock formation.

The Canyon was formed by the Colorado and the Green Rivers.

Phil who doesn't like heights or actually depths did the entire 2 mile hike. He was a real trooper! The white rim of the Canyon was 1200 feet down. The floor of the Canyon is 1000 ft. below.

Hiking up and....

More steps.

We made the .5 mile hike to the Mesa Arch. Phil sitting under the golden arch.

It was so windy I couldn't look at the camera because of the blowing sand. Hope you can see the expressions of the girls.

The Canyon floor is 800 ft. below the Mesa Arch.

Aztec Mesa.

The car is at the "Neck," a 40 ft. wide road that is the only vehicle access to the 43 square miles of Island in the Sky. The Canyon is encroaching on the Neck from both sides. The water and wind are breaking down the sandstone. Given time the Neck will erode away and cut off the Island in the Sky.

Cattle open grazing on land outside of the Park. These cattle looked better fed. You can see the land has more for the cattle to eat.

Next stop Colorado National Monument near Fruita, CO., named a National Monument in 1911.. Rock, 600 ton boulder atop a pedestal.

Independence Monument, 450 ft. high, in the center of the photo.

Coke Ovens.

As we travel up to 6640 ft. there are winding roads and drop offs.

Along the side of the road a Desert Bighorn

Te Fallen Rock.

Ah, yes, the road had lots of switchbacks roads.

We stayed at Monument Rv Park, Fruita. A very nice park, very clean showers. It was very windy until 11 pm. We would stay here again.
Location:Canyonlands National Park & Fruita, CO

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