Thursday, June 19, 2014

Alberta & Northwest Territories, 6/18 -19/2014

On the road again Wednesday June 18 leaving the majestic mountains and beautiful scenery of Jasper and Banff.

12 foot wooden statue of Davis, the local pathfinder, pioneer, trader and miner in a park in Peace River.  "Everyone's friend."   Today we traveled through flat lands and farm fields.
Bridge over the Peace River, white smudges are bugs. Windshield is getting covered. We did laundry and washed our RV. We stayed at the Walmart in Peace River. It is light yet when we go to bed at 10:30 pm. People are so friendly.

On the road again Thursday June 19
 Had to stop and take a photo of the moose in Manning, Alberta.
 Ahhhh, we reached the 60th Parallel, the border of the Northwest Territories.
The lady gave us so information about the NWT. She also talked about piloting the ice road truckers and many other driving experiences. Phil by the muskox.
 We hiked to awesome Alexander Falls. We just marvel how magnificent and different all the falls are.
 Our first view of Louise Falls.
 Then we went down 138 spiral steps for another view
 Some of those 138 were metal and some wooden.
 We learned the river is toffee colored because of the silt in the river.
 Back up the stairs, What a great venture.

We stayed at Louise Falls Campgrounds. Talked to a couple from Spokane, WA. They are in the business of modular homeland had one put up in Yellowknife. Also talked to a couple from Alberta.

On the road again Friday June 20
 Coming up to the MacKenzie River Bridge.

 To the right is the Great Slave Lake.
 Entering Bison Sanctuary. The bison are free range. Warnings abound.
 Church in Fort Providence. We saw a bison on the road about half mile ahead. It was in the trees when we got there.
 We finally arrived in Yellowknife, NWT. We had delicious whitefish at iconic Bullock's Bistro. Delicious fish and fresh baked rolls, salad and fries.
 Busy place. We got there early.  There was a long wait for customers when we left.
We found one of the most famous streets in town, named for a prospector. The street sign is stolen so many times it is nailed to this boulder.  This tiny street’s name comes from a slang term for dirt poor — and the name of a small gold mine north of Yellowknife. Rumor has it that some miners, fuelled with a few drinks one night in the 1940s, decided to rename their street. They grabbed some paint and put up a sign. The joke was a hit and the town officially renamed the street Ragged Ass Road.
Stromatolites...oldest fossils. These were near Great Slave Lake.

Another day of new adventures.

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