Thursday, June 26, 2014

Whitehorse, YK, 6/26/2014

On the road again Thursday June 26
 The town was named Whitehorse because of the foaming rapids resembling white horses' manes.

 World's largest weathervane.....a Douglas DC-3
 Float plane on the Yukon River about to take off.

 Miles Canyon
Suspension bridge.

Great walk over the breathtaking and beautiful Yukon River.
S. S. Klondike transported goods up and down the Yukon River.
Huge paddlewheel.
Wood needed to fire the steam engines.
It transported ore bags.  4,500 bags each weighing 125 lbs.

Whitehorse Rapids Fishway. Fish ladder was built in 1959 to help the chinook salmon make their almost 3,000 mile trip back from the Pacific Ocean.
School children's art work.

 Interesting bike wheel ball in someone's front yard.
We stopped at Braeburn Lodge to get some famous cinnamon buns. Truthfully we thought the ones from Tetsa Campground were better. But still these were very good.
Neat Welcome sign to the town of Carmacks, Yukon.
Steps down to the Five Fingers Rapids.   
217 steps DOWN and back UP!!!!   But stunning view.
 Riverboats on the way to the Klondike Gold Rush had to pass through these treacherous rapids.
Lots of road construction because of frost heaves but also to replace bridges.
We continue to travel through awesome scenery. I was driving when we passed a beautiful shimmering two tone blue lake. Not seeing any wildlife but still it's an amazing trip.

We stayed at Moose Provincial Park on our way to Dawson City. Will get there tomorrow.

Ahhhh, what a day!!!! Again!

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