Monday, June 9, 2014

Philip, SD & Glacier, MT, 6/9 & 10/2014

On the road again Monday June 9
 To Minuteman Missile, Pipestone, SD. Created as a Historic Site in 1999 to preserve a site to illustrate the Cold War.
 We visited the outdoor site of Launch Delta-09 just off I-90. Developed in the 1950's the Minuteman were an intercontinental ballistic missiles. They were capable of being launched by underground crew to travel over the North Pole and arrive at a target in 30 minutes.
 We stayed at Washington City Park in Sheridan, WY. We traveled 524 miles....whew. We gained an hour because we crossed into Mountain Time. We traveled through farmland. We saw the mountains in the distance.

On the road again Tuesday June 10
Another long day of driving. We arrived at St. Mary's Campground at Glacier National Park at 5:45. 520 miles, whew. After we got settled at our campsite it started to rain so we invited Tom and Linda in for Happy Hour. When it stopped raining we went for a walk. We met a family from Wisconsin who knew Tom, my brother-in-law because Tom was their daughter's soccer coach. Also chatted with a couple from Los Angelos but they originally were from Australia. Its always neat to visit with other campers. So many people have visiting Glacier Park on their bucket list. We love it.

On the road again Wednesday June 11. We went to the Visitors Center and learned that the Road to the Sun was not open from this side nor were hike so we drove to the west side of the Park where there was more to do.
 How wonderful to see the sun and bright blue sky.

 We saw more horses last night as we were coming into Glacier National Park.
 We traveled Hwy 49. It is suggested for vehicles 21 feet and less. The road had many twists and turns and drop offs with no guardrails.
 Two Medicine Lake
 Vehicles are tiny in the shadow of great Northern Mountain in the Flathead National Forest.
 Amazing waterfall.
 After getting our campsite at Fish Creek Campground we drove on to the Going to the Sun Road as far as we could. We hiked the Trail of Cedars. Gorgeous waterfall. The water is very aggressively squeezing through the Avalanche Gorge.

 McDonald's Falls.
 Water tumbling and churning. It's just so mesmerizing.
 Enjoying Happy Hour at our Fish Creek campsite. A great and relaxing day.

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