Saturday, June 7, 2014

Baraboo,WI and Austin, MN 6/7/2014

On the road again Saturday June 7
 We visited the Baraboo Candy Company. We all got some original Cow Pies....delicious chocolate, nuts and carmel. YUMMY!!!
Last year Phil and I visited the International Crane Foundation near Baraboo. I found it so interesting I wanted to share it with Linda and Tom.
There are 15 different kinds of cranes. This is my favorite. The black crowned crane.
 Hooded crane
 White-naped crane
 Black necked crane
 Siberian crane
 Sarus crane
 His feathers are really puffed out as he preens.
 Whooping crane

 Sandhill crane
 Eurasian crane
 Demoiselle cranes
Next stop the Spam Museum in Austin, MN

Really this is a museum of the Hormel Company.

Besides fresh meat, sausages and ham, they developed Dinty Moore Stew.

Chili Con Carne. And many more products over the past 100 years.
Advertisements over the decades.

We stayed overnight at the Faribault County Fairgrounds, Blue Earth, MN. Newly developed campsites and new bath/shower house. Excellent place to stay....and free the first night.

Weather turned we ate dinner at the picnic table I put on a second fleece. The wind is what made us chilly. Another fantastic day of exploring our country. More to come.

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