Sunday, June 15, 2014

Banff, AB, 6/15/2014

On the road again Sunday, June 15. Happy Fathers' Day to Phil, our son, Gene and son-in-law, Tait and all fathers everywhere.
 We attended Mass at Our Lady of the Rockies, a stunning beautiful interior.
 The Deacon gave a meaningful homily on the Trinity. He used St. John's thought of analogy of a tree:  God the Father, the roots, Jesus, the branches and the Spirit, the fruit.
We visited the first Canadian National Park: Cave and Basin.
Below this grid is where 3 men in 1885 discovered a hot spring.

 Below is the area that was the Hot Spring Pool in the early 1900's.
 The water has minerals in it that form rocks. Kinda like stalagmites in caves.
  Hot spring water was piped to the Banff Hotel which was built for visitors to enjoy the hot springs.
 Bow Falls near Banff Hotel.
 After getting our campsite at Johnston Canyon Campground we hiked the Canyon.
 The Lower Falls were dramatic. 
We crossed the catwalk to enter an opening so we could get a close up of the falls.
 The spray was so dramatic that I didn't take a picture. My face was soaked as I stood there in awe. This from the outside.
 We hiked another 2.6 km to the Upper Falls. They are the highest waterfall in the Johnston Canyon. Truly awesome and worth the hike.   Along the canyon wall we noticed this different type of wall.
 It is Travertine limestone being made by algae from the rock that has been pulverized by the falls.
  HUGE pile of logs at the bottom of the Falls.
Then we hiked to see the top of the Upper Falls. Rushing roaring water.
On our return to the parking lot: A view of the catwalk along the rushing water.

What a spectacular hike. The scenery is breathtaking so we didn't mind getting rained on again. 
 What a day!!!

We stayed at Johnston Canyon campground.

Location:Banff, AB

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