Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Watson Lake & Whitehorse, Yukon, 6/25/2014

On the road again Wednesday June 25. Happy birthday wishes to my dear sister, Marcy. Hope this is a fantastic year for you and many more.
 Famous Sign Post Forest, Watson Lake, YK
 An Alcan Hwy worker was homesick for his town of Danville, IL. He put up a sign. years later there are over 8,000 signs.
 Phil putting up our sign.  Had to find a spot. When we comeback we'll see if we can find it.
 Continuing on the Hwy. Nearing the Continental Divide. 
The waters flow either to Pacific or Arctic Oceans.
 Totem Pole in Whitehorse, Yukon.
Walked around town and saw lots of beautiful murals.
 French Center. Lots of French speaking in this Province. Mural tells the story of the raven and the flying canoe.
 Different lilacs than we have at home but smell just as good.
 Eagle with the red (most beautiful and rarest) color of the Northern Lights.

 Trains had to come thru tough mountains.
 Dedicated hard workers.
 Phil at Robert Service's desk.  (famous Canadian writer)
Interesting storefronts.
Memorial to the Prospectors and his dog.
Young Jack London lived in Whitehorse a short time
 Fuzzy flip flops in a store window.

 Log cabin high rise of two stories.
 Log cabin of three stories.
 We stayed overnight at Walmart. We were shocked when we pulled in to see so many RV's. Thought it was a RV show. No all travelers. We saw the two couples from PA. Had a chat with them a few minutes.

By the way, yes it is light all night. I'm ok with going to sleep with the light but about 3 am I put on my eye mask to get total darkness. Phil has no problem sleeping. He says he practices in sleeping during daylight by taking naps. I've talked to people who are bothered by the lightness outside.

But the country is amazing. Looking forward to seeing more breathtaking sights.

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