Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fort Nelson, BC; toward Yukon, 6/23 & 24, 2014

On the road again Monday June 23 (continued) On Hwy. 7
 What a treat to see several baby bison calves. There was a herd of 12 bison.
 Another young black bear.

Fort Liard is considered the Tropics of the North. It was in 80's.
We arrived at the Alaskan Hwy. After a stop at the Visitors Centre we saw a white albino moose at Fort Nelson Heritage Museum
Diamond willow spoon and bowl. The admission price was worth learning about diamond willow. A bug goes in the tree where a new branch has started. A fungus grows in that area. The tree grows away from that spot creating an opening on the tree. Amazing
Decorative art of oil rig components.

We stayed overnight in the IGA Grocery store. We met two couples from Pennsylvania. What a riot to visit with them. It was 83 degrees and super sunny when we went to bed at 10 pm.

On the road again Tuesday June 24. Only cooled off to 60 degrees overnight.
Fort Nelson was the original Alaska Hwy. Mile 1. But it was changed to start at Dawson Creek.  Because of going to Yellowknife this is our first entry to the Alaskan Hwy.  Now is Mile 300.
Vehicles are dwarfed in the mountains.

 Photo doesn't do justice to the Beautiful blue waters of Muncho Lake.
 We were stopped for road construction. Some roads have gravel patches. We are content to wait for them to patch the frost heaves.
 Crossing a metal bridge.
 Liard River
 Young elk, I think
 Stone sheep eating the minerals off the road.
Saw their faces turn to the east.
 Here comes a mom and her baby. While Mom licked the pavement her baby kept hanging next to her.  Baby hadn't learned to lick yet.
 What a sweetie.
 Another bear sighting. We saw 9 bison, 7 black bears, a deer and fawn, 3 Stone sheep adults and a baby. Really exciting each time we see some. It doesn't get old.

Crossing suspension bridge.
We got to Watson Lake about 3:30 pm. Lo and behold at the Visitors Centre we met the two couples from PA. Small world.

We attended the Northern Lights videos about the Northern Lights and Black Holes.

We stayed near the Tag Gas Station. 53 degrees was the high temperature today. A change of 30 from last night.

More great and fascinating adventures to come.

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