Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tok, 6/29/2014

On the road again Sunday June 29.  Three family Happy Birthday wishes go out today:  our granddaughter, Nicole, my sister, Claudia and her daughter, (our niece) Megan.  Best wishes to each of you.

There's a knock on our RV and lo, and behold it's Amos, Irma, Lorraine and Leon.  They were getting gas and saw us.  They looked for us last night cuz they knew we were coming to Tok.  They found us this morning.
We attended Mass at a log cabin built by the parishioners in 1949.   The message seemed to be God is  always with us but present when we need Him the most.  Amen, like our driving and protecting us and our RV.  Thank you, God.
 We bought raffle tickets for the quilt of the Flowers in the bible made by the Ladies Quilt Group.

 Yesterday Hugh Neff invited us to come for a tour of his dogs.
 He has three batches of puppies.
 These are the youngest.  9 weeks old.  Their eyes just opened last week.
When put down they all cuddled together.  But Hugh said they need people interaction.  He was glad we could interact with them.  And what a treat for us.
 Outside of Delta Junction we bought some reindeer sausage and buffalo meat from a family run farm.  The lady gave us a map so we could drive through their farmland.  Here's the hay raked and ready to be baled.   Can't tie the farmer out of me!
 Milepost reminded us to watch out for moose.
 Ah, the majestic mountain range is the VERY, VERY distance.

We stayed at Harding Lake State Recreation Area (campground).  

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