Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Icefields Parkway, AB, 6/17/2014

On the road again Tuesday June 17. It's 37 & overcast.
 We hiked up to beautiful Peyton Lake, the bluest lake in the Rockies. 
Because of the cool temperature the fog is hanging around.
 Pesky ravens hanging around the parking lot at Mistaya Canyon.
The water is so turbulent it creates swirls in the rocks.
  The forceful Mistaya River is attacking these rocks.
 Black bear munching along the side of the road.
Majestic (wooden) golden eagle at the Icefield Visitor Center. Ahhh, we finally have stunning blue skies and sunshine.
 Hiking up to Athabasca Glacier.
 The glacier has receded almost a mile in the last 100 years.
 On the way down. Can hardly see our rv or the Visitor Center across the road.
  Bighorn sheep high atop a ridge by the Falls. We had seen 6 by the side of the road but missed getting a photo.
 Amazing falls at Tangle Creek.
 Another raging waterfall...Sumwapta Falls. Pictures do not show the power of these falls. They are magnificent.
 A grizzly bear on the side of the road having lunch.
 Athabasca Falls battling with the rocks. We are in awe of all the falls and rivers we see. Each is so unique and spectacular.
We hiked down to a quiet Athabasca River.

We stayed at Whistler Campground near Jasper. Another big day of hiking and the best sightseeing we could experience. Highly recommend visiting Banff and Jasper National Parks.

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