Saturday, June 21, 2014

Yellowknife, NWT, 6/21/2014

On the road again Saturday June 21, LONGEST day of the year.
 I've been noticing the interesting shape of the NWT car license plates. These on display at the Visitors Centre & Information Centre.
 Diamonds were discovered in 1991. Watched a very informative video about the discovery and processing.
 On display
 Polar bears have black skin under their 11.5 cm of fat.
33 flags of the communities of the Northwest Territories. 
Purple vetch.
At the Prince of Wales Heritage Centre gold ore sample. Gold was discovered at Yellowknife in 1934.
  We learned 30 chemical elements in a computer come from the NWT.
 Baby caribou, 2 days old. Caribou have glands in their hoofs that leave messages to other caribous.
 Watched video of making of a mooseskin boat. This one is 43 feet long, weighs 800 pounds. Used to transport meat for sale. Building these boats is becoming a lost art. Very interesting Centre showcasing many animals and other aspects of the NWT.
 We joined the festivities at the Aboriginal Day.  Free lunch for hundreds. Delicious fish, corn on cob and biscuit. 76 degrees and sunny.
 They had a great time dancing. Other entertainers: fiddlers and several different singers. Also vendors, painting and bead demonstrations..
 Painted rock in Old Town.
Houseboats in the harbor.

 Pilot Monument commemorates the brave pilots who helped in early 1900's
Interesting garbage can.
 Houses were built on the "Rock."

We attended Mass at St. Patrick's. The message was on forgiveness, something to possibly do daily. We also witnessed a Baptism.

After a dinner pizza we made a visit to Tim Horton's. Phil thru the computer (we don't have our phones on) he texted all our kids. Ted responded & they could catch up. Thru the computer we could FaceTime with Corrina, Tait and family including our grandson, Jason who is visiting them from the Midwest.

Back at our rv in the Walmart parking lot we were ready to call it a day when a lady says you're a long way from home. The four of us had a great time chatting with her. She is a nurse and moved here for the increase in salary. She talked about her friend from Japan who is a guide for the 1,800 Japanese who come here in the winter to see the Northern Lights.

Hard to realize that is is 11 pm because of how light it is. The sun sets at 11:26 pm and rises at 3:39 am. It's been a great day for us.

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