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Canada, Avalon Peninsula, NL., 8/21/12

Canada, Avalon Peninsula, NL., 8/21/12: On the Road Again Tuesday Aug. 21. It's NOT "a good day on clothes!" If it were, it'd be a good day to hang clothes on the line. As we start out at 8:30 it's rainy, soupy and FOGGY!!!!

Destination: Irish Loop passing through Salmonier, Riverhead, Point La Haye, St. Stephen's, Trespassey, Cappahayden and Cape Broyle.

At Gaskiers, a view of St. Mary's Bay

St Mary's Church of the Assumption.

St. Vincent's cobblestone beach.

Not sand but little pebbles on the beach. As the waves wash out there's a singing sound. Neat!

Three musketeers RVs.

At Holyrood Pond Interpretative Centre took a photo of a photo. Chatted with the college students manning the Centre.

We stopped at the Edge of Avalon Interpretative Centre. It's still foggy. We learnt about the fossils found at Mistaken Point.

Many shipwrecks occurred at nearby Cape Race. We were thrilled to see fellow Roadtrekker's, Gayle and Marty from California. We had met them at Pippy Park on Sunday.

Look at that! The fog is gone. Renews Harbour. Beautiful, awesome.

Ferryland, Lord Baltimore's Colony of Avalon.

Archeology dig dates this settlement at 1621. This is the forge.

Cobblestone road uncovered.

Remains of the mansion of Lord Baltimore's.

Remains of the stable.

Dark layer in the soil indicates when the French burned the village.

In the 17th century reproduction kitchen we saw the pot bread was baked in by placing it on top of coals. Coals were added to the cover of the pot.

Puzzle jug is shared with others, but how do you drink out of it without the
liquid coming out of the holes?

Three handled mug.

Spoons, one pewter, other cow horn.

Beautiful lilies in the gentlemen's garden.

In the museum, a gold coin issued in 1601, during the time of King James I of Scotland.

Lead tokens stamped with DK. David Kirke was the manager of the settlement from 1638 to 1651. First British money made in British North America.

Seal of David Kirke.

It opens to 3 sections. 1. Coat of arms. 2. Religious symbols. 3. Trophy of arms.

Recovered leather shoe.

Back to modern day Canada. This is the second time we have seen a pipeline in our travels.

Cape Spear, easternmost point in North America.

Closest land to the east is Greenland, 1,477 km. We will go no farther east nor north so guess I guess we are on the way home. It's 2,400 miles so it will take some time.

Cape Spear Lighthouse. We met another Roadtrek couple, HardyBob and his wife from Arkansas. We have had emails from him so it was exciting to meet them. We are staying at Pippys RV Park in St. John's again.

A day that started in rain and fog turned out to be sunny and another terrific day.

On the Road Again Wednesday Aug. 22 to do laundry. Phil has been battling a scratchy throat and cold for a few days. So we didn't do any touring.

We 3 musketeer couples met up with Sharon and Denny who had toured with us the first week in Newfoundland.

We enjoyed visiting together.

And going out to eat.

We are staying at Walmart tonight. Good for Phil and me to have a quiet day. We have been on the go!!!
Location:Avalon Peninsula, NL

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