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Canada, Port au Choix, NL, 8/18/12

Canada, Port au Choix, NL, 8/18/12: On the Road Again Saturday Aug. 18

Traveling through Gros Morne National Park. Forest, lakes, meadows and huge mountains in the distance.

Amazing coastline on a beautiful day

We are traveling the northern peninsula of Newfoundland.

Pointe Riche Lighthouse

Port au Choix National Historic Site. Evidence of four ancient cultures have been found at Port au Choix. The guide called it a Treasure Box of proof of 4 ancient cultures. 360 to 400 million year old fossils have been found here. Drawing of the house of the Dorset Palaeo - Eskimo who lived here 2000 to 1300 years ago. They said "We live in the belly of the whale. The seal fills our belly. The skin keeps us warm." Whale bones are the structure of the hut. Skins are the walls. Radiant heat from the fire warms the place so much that one is sitting with no clothes on.

Seal skin clothing would repel water so was worn in wet, warm weather. Seal skin also made good boots. Caribou skin was used for cold weather.

Memorial by Point Riche Lighthouse

Phillips Garden Trail, site of Dorset Palaeo-Eskimo homes.

Some trees grow LONG, (low). Growing conditions are harsh because of the strong winds and barren soil.

Where there is a small valley the trees are 4 to 5 feet. Pine cones with crystals on them.

Lobster traps.

Arches Provincial Park

There are four natural arches.

And our dear friend, Inukshuk. An Inuit word meaning "in the image of man." Originally built as landmarks to aid navigation and aid in caribou hunting. Now it's a symbol to remind us of our dependence on each other and value of strong relationships.

We attended Mass at Immaculate Conception Church in Deer Lake. The priest and congregation were so open and friendly. I haven't said anything about the Newfoundlander accent. Their words are rapid, with an accent but we have an accent also.

We are staying at Foodland grocery store parking lot.

On the Road Again Sunday Aug. 19

Very poor photo of "moose detection sensors." Have seen them several times. No other photos. Today was "Cross Newfoundland Day." We drove 400 miles to St. John's.

At Pippy RV Park in St. John's. Barb, Linda, Tom and I are planning our adventures for the next few days. Sharon and Denny are not traveling with us. They are going to visit her cousin. We miss them already.
Location:Port au Choix, Arches Provincial Park, Deer Lake, NL

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