Sunday, August 26, 2012

Canada, leaving Newfoundland, 8/26/12

Canada, leaving Newfoundland, 8/26/12: On the Road Again Sunday Aug. 26

Not a good picture from inside the RV as we travel Canada's Hwy 1 to Port aux Basques. We soon will be leaving this majestic land.

It's more than rocks. We only saw two moose even though we hear there are lots of moose.

We get to the ferry terminal at 8:30 am for our 11:30 departure. Nope, things are running behind. When we came over 2 weeks ago we were on the ferry that usually does the 15 hour Argentia route. They switched it from the Argentia route to the Port aux Basques route for that day. The ferries have been breaking down and there aren't enough ferries to do the scheduled routes. Today it was our turn to wait. Gave me time to peel and cook my potatoes. Raw potatoes are not allowed off the island. There is concern because of possible blight. Cooked potatoes were allowed off the island. Now have to be vigilant about entering the U. S. and what foods are restricted.

It was interesting to see the incoming ferry dock and the gangplank slowly drop down.

Eventually the semis started coming off.

Vehicles coming off two levels. We were told there are cars below these two levels.

Lots of trucks, RVs and cars waiting until 1:45 to start to go on the ferry.

But it gave us more time to enjoy Newfoundland. What a wonderful place to visit. We met many people who love coming here to holiday and some who bought property and return often. We traveled 2,400 miles of this vast Province and even with our hectic pace there is so much yet to see. Met a Roadtrek couple from Ontario who have come 4 times to visit. We talked with many Newfoundlanders. They were so kind and eager to share their experiences with us.

As we leave I feel a bit of sadness.

Couldn't count how many semis were on the ferry. So much has to be brought in even feed for the livestock. I saw two dairy farms. Farmers usually get three crops of hay but because of the lack of rain they could only get one crop this year.

We saw a ferry heading to Port aux Basques.

As we approach North Sydney, Nova Scotia the sun begins to set.

How appropriate to have a spectacular sunset after 2 spectacular weeks in an amazing Province. Thank you, God, for this majestic world and that we could visit Newfoundland. We debarked at 9 pm and headed to Walmart.

Again, thank you, God, for your protection on our journeys.
Location:Port aux Basques, NL, and Sydney, N. S.

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