Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Canada, Cavendish & Charlottetown, P. E. I., 8/8/12

Canada, Cavendish & Charlottetown, P. E. I., 8/8/12: On the Road Again Wednesday Aug., 8

"Anne of Green Gables" Day

The book was written by L. M. Montgomery in 1905 but initially denied by the publishers she sent it to. She sent it again in 1908 and it has been an international success ever since.

The house the book is fashioned after was a relative's home. Lucy visited it often during her childhood.

The home is decorated in the time of 1908.

The hooked rug seat cover for a rocker. As I mentioned earlier, not the type of hook rug that is popular now.

If you know the story...this is the dress with the puffed sleeves that Anne received for Christmas.

Another part of the story...raspberry cordial.

A tea pot used by Lucy and a doily she crocheted. Exquisite.

No connection to the book, but an interesting shirt for sale. This is farming and lobster country.

There was a lot of farm equipment in the barn but the interesting one for me was this: a turnip pulper. They fed the turnips to the livestock.

It is beautiful farmland.

Yesterday as we were driving to Cape North we kept seeing horses in the fields, BIG horses, I mean HUGE! Couldn't guess why. At the Gift Store at Cape North there was a photo with the answer. The horses are used for Irish Moss gathering. Yes, they are working horses. Amazing.

Sand castle building at the Prince Edward Island National Park. We visited two different beaches.

Miles and miles of glorious beaches on the north side of the Island.

The benefit of the crescent shape of the Island is warm water. Look how far NORTH this is. Can you calculate C. To F.?

Also some rocky areas

On July 20 we met up with 13 other fellow Roadtrekker's at the Roadtrek Factory for a tour. We are on a Walkabout trip which means people go where they want...not a formal organized trip. But we finally all got together tonight.

We had dinner at a Sicilian restaurant in Charlottetown.

And after dinner we went to the musical "Anne of Green Gables."

What an enjoyable evening, visiting during dinner and enjoying the play. Then we all stayed at Walmart overnight. 11 Roadtreks!!! So more visiting before bed. What a terrific group of people we all are!!!! Glad to finally catch up with them again.
Location:Cavendish & Charlottetown, P. E. I.

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