Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cape East, Basin Head, Wood Island, P. E. I. 8/9/12

Cape East, Basin Head, Wood Island, P. E. I. 8/9/12: On the Road Again Thursday Aug. 9. Not as early as we thought. We slept in till 8 am. Thought we'd been the road by then. The folks who were visiting when we went to bed last night were up ahead of us. We joined others to visit and have free coffee at McDonalds and use their free wifi so we can get our emails, post the blog and check other things on the Internet. It was hard to leave our new friends but knew we had to hit the road. We have a wedding to get home for in Sept. and there are so many things to see so had to hit the road. Only an hour later than we thought.

To East Point...the OTHER end of the Island. So we got a certificate saying we went from one end to the other. Be sure to stop by and see it when we get home!!!!!

The lighthouse at East Point is getting a new paint job!

Fog horns taken from the original building here in 1908.

Something we don't see in the Midwest. Grain field bordered not only by a lake but also the ocean. Just majestic. I can't keep from raving how impressed I am with this landscape.

Basin Head at Red Point Provincial Park

The appealing attribute of this spot is the "singing sand.". As we walk, it "sings.". How unusual and fun,

Not only a beautiful beach but also the majestic rocks.

We toured the Fisheries Museum and learned more about the lobster industry.

This one is different, called a parlour trap.

On Aug. 4 at the other Fisheries Museum we learned about the wooden plug designed to keep the lobsters from attacking each other in the cages. There was a major at home industry to make the slender wood plug that was put between the thumb joint.

In 1858 the first lobster canning company was started on Prince Edward Island. Lobster industry supported over 100 canneries by 1881, 25 % of Prince Edward Island's income was from the lobster industry.

An eel trap

Used for eel fishing. 2 prongs for the summer, 4 to 8 prongs in the winter, couldn't see through the ice, needed more prongs.

We see signs saying Prince Edward Island is the "Tuna capital of the world."

Once more the beautiful scenery of P. E. I.

Heading onto the ferry at Wood Island going to Nova Scotia.

Look who's going with us....a Frito Lay truck. Remember potatoes are a major industry as well as oysters and mussels.

And 2 semis loaded with logs. It smelt so good.

Good bye to Prince Edward Island's beauty of red, green, gold and blue! Loved out time with you. Though less than 150,000 people live there over 1 million visit every summer. I talked to a lady who comes back every year for New Hampshire. It is called The Gentle Island.

Coming into Pictou, Nova Scotia.

The woods of Nova Scotia. We are staying at Walmart in Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia. Got a few things from the Dollarama Store. Things are not a dollar but $1.25. Everything is more expensive in Canada!!!! But what a beautiful country to explore and we are less than half way!
Location:Cape East, Basin Head & Wood Island, P. E. I.

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