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Canada, Lunenburg, N. S., 8/4/12

Canada, Lunenburg, N. S., 8/4/12: On the Road Again Saturday Aug. 4 to Mahone Bay

Three churches in a row. The third church doesn't have a tall tower so it isn't showing up.

This is a nice little tourist town along Mahone Bay, lots of people milling around. A little foggy in the distance.

Fisherman's Daughter Bed and Breakfast. No, didn't stay there but looked interesting.

Painting of Bluenose at the Fisheries Museum in Lunenburg.

They are so proud that Bluenose defeated the U.S. in every race they competed against each other. It was a hard working fishing schooner as well as a racer.

We took a 1/2 guided hour tour of the Museum. Spent over 2 1/2 hours.

This is a replica of the largest cod caught.

In 1497 John Cabot returned to Europe saying he found sea swarming with fish.

Lunenburg was a very active fishing port. Shipping vessels were improved on over the years.

Coil of rope with hooks that was used for fishing.

We toured 2 boats. This side trawler Cape Spear was built in 1962.

Dining room

Table in bunk room built to fit in the shape.

Interesting stories about the rum runners.

Because of Prohibition boats were developed to evade being captured.

Case used in smuggling booze.

Holding a purple starfish from the holding tank. There was an aquarium with descriptions and examples of many fish.

Machine for sewing ship masts. It was twice the size of a regular sewing machine.

A sailors valentine....All shells.

At the start of WW II a Norway whaling fleet was refit for battle in Canada.

Lots of boats coming and going in the harbor, just mesmerizing to watch them.

We stayed at Belle Baie Campground, at La Baie Saint-Marie (St. Mary's Bay, we are in French speaking Acadian country again).
Location:Mahone Bay & Lunenburg, N. S.

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