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Canada, L'Anse aux Meadows, NFLD, 8/16/12

Canada, L'Anse aux Meadows, NFLD, 8/16/12: On the Road Again Thursday Aug. 16. Big Happy Birthday wishes to our granddaughter, Teagan. Love you and look forward to seeing you next month.

We saw a mother moose and her offspring. Far away, but our first moose sighting!!!

Natives seeing Norsemen coming. Outside of L'Anse aux Meadow National Site of Canada, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The first authenticated European presence in North America. c1000 AD.

Archaeological excavations in 1960 uncovered 3 dwellings, 4 workshops and an iron working smithy. Reproductions were built by Park Canada.

Impressive insulation of these huts. The roof is sod up, sod down, then gravel, strips of bark, then twigs. "R" insulation factor is 100.

Listened to many, many interesting stories, facts and even different points of views of the aspects of this civilization. Could have stayed for hours to listen to him.

We had to try out the Viking gear. Wow, was it heavy!!!

Phil thought he'd carry some water out to our RV.

Interesting to hear how the Norsemen traveled from Greenland and landed at this northern tip of Newfoundland. They seemed to use L'Anse aux Meadow as their base for explorations to New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.

Impressions of Forge. Evidence of iron works was found. Beliefs are they needed to make nails to repair their ships.

Impressions of Workshop. Evidence was found of carpentry work possibly repairing ships.

A sculpture depicting the meeting of East and West. 100,000 years ago humans expanded from Africa to Europe and Asia. By 40,000 years ago humans reached Australia. By 15,000 years ago humans spread across North and South America. When the Norsemen met the Aboriginals of North America it was the meeting of East and West. I never had it presented that way.

This hat in the gift store was made by naalbinding.

Snorri, a Viking ship at Norstead, a Viking Port of Trade. The ship was expertedly built, far superior to current ships we were told.

Saw demonstration of weaving. Look closely on the bottom. The weighs for the loom are rocks. She also did knitting with one needle. This type of knitting is so dense that even if the item is cut it will not ravel.

Interesting spoons made of cow horns.

Interesting glass.

We see stacks of wood like this along the highway.

At Dark Tickle Co. Wild Berry Economusee (dedicated to interpretation of wild berries) we finally found out the names and what some wild berries look like. Here is bakeapple or cloudberry.

But I'm not sure if this is crowberry. These wild berries are TINY!!!

Partridgeberry, also called lingonberry, I think!

We stayed at St. Barbe RV Park. In Newfoundland we have been arriving at RV Parks the day a Caravan of 18 RV's have left except for today. They were gratefully able to squeeze our four Roadtreks in. We are dry camping but can't stay overnight in a nearby parking lot. It's a very nice RV park, cleaned restrooms we have been to.

Another wonderful day full of adventure and education!!!
Location:L'Anse aux Meadows, NFLD

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