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Canada, Port aux Basques, NL. 8/25/12

Canada, Port aux Basques, NL. 8/25/12: On the Road Again Saturday Aug. 25

Get out and stretch stop near Deer Lake. We have had rain, then overcast and then sunshine.

Passing Corner Brook where we stayed our first night. We are driving 300 miles today.

After checking in at Little Paradise Campground we went to Mass at St. Ann's Church in the town of St. Andrew. I wondered why the congregation didn't sing as the priest and the servers processed in. Then learned why! The priest played the organ.

It is a small church with about 75 parishioners attending. A lady told me the church will celebrate its 100th anniversary next year. She was proud to say she participated at this church all her 77 years. Even her father was baptized at this church. It has beautiful wooden walls and ceiling.

We drove an hour on some windy roads to Rose Blanche.

The fishermen in the early 1700's said the white rocks were visible for miles. It became a permanent settlement in 1810.

White quartz rocks don't look very white here, but up close they were and twinkly.

This stunning Rose Blanche Lighthouse is one of the last granite lighthouses on the Atlantic seaboard. It was built in 1873. The prosperity of the town was tied to the cod industry.

During Provincial government resettlement plan of 1950's and 1960's people from smaller communities were relocated here. The town was an outport until 1961 when a road connected it to Port aux Basques. Electricity was brought in 1965. With the cod moratorium some people moved away.

The Lighthouse was not open for a tour but could see a lovely table set through the window.

The vista was just so serene, beautiful and captivating.

Driving back to our campground the scenery was so beautiful. It was green and looked like someone laid a carpet of green over the rocks. So glad we made the windy trip to Rose Blanche.

On the Road Again Sunday Aug. 26 to
Location:Port aux Basques, NL

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