Sunday, August 5, 2012

Canada, Church Point and Grand-Pre, N. S., 8/5/12

Canada, Church Point and Grand-Pre, N. S., 8/5/12: On the Road Again Sunday Aug. 5. Happy anniversary wishes to my sister, Marcy and her husband, Bruce. Best wishes for many, many more years.

But first have to show the beautiful sunset last night from our campsite on St. Mary's Bay.qqq

We visited Eglise Sainte Marie in Church Point, the tallest wooden church in North America. It was built in 1903 to 1905.

It is 190 ft. in length,135 ft. wide, 63 ft. in height. Spire is 185 ft. tall.

This dynamic choir helped us....they sang in Latin. (I think they are visitors.) We sang along, remembering the Latin from our childhood. Otherwise the Mass was in French. As I said yesterday, we are in Acadian country.

The main altar was brought from France. They didn't pace duty on it so the story's contraband.

Infant of Prague

Sacred Heart of Jesus

St Joseph and Jesus

Saint Anthony and Jesus

St. Theresa

There are 41 stained glass windows. They were transported from France in bags of molasses. (Years before styrofoam and bubble wrap!)

"Mouldering for fabricating Altar Bread."

We stopped in Digby for their famous scallops.

Fishing fleet not working on Sunday.

Historic Grand-Pre. This is where the Acadians first settled.

Models of the dyke building they used to desalinate the water into productive farmland.

They gradually enclosed 1,000 acres using a dyke system and aboiteau. (sluece allowing excess rainwater to flow out but not allow seawater to flow in.)

Evangeline poem tells the story of the Acadians deported from their land by the British in 1755.

Poem was written by Longfellow

Love lies bleeding is planted throughout the gardens. Appropriate plant considering the name and the circumstances of the Acadians.

Solemn Cross erected in 1924.

Another beautiful sunset. This one at Walmart in Truro following another great day of exploration.

Location:Church Point, Digby and Grand-Pre, N. S.

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