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Canada, Bonavista Peninsula, NL., 8/23/12

Canada, Bonavista Peninsula, NL., 8/23/12: On the Road Again Thursday Aug. 23

Mussel fishing markers, on the way to historic Trinity, NL. In this area 2 films were made: The Shipping News (I'm so glad our daughter told me about the movie. Now I'm eager to go home and watch it again.) and Random Passages.m

St. Paul's Anglican Church

Roman Catholic Church

Hiscock House. Emma Hiscock moved into her home as a bride and named it Mountain Ash Villa for the tree she planted by the door. (Main portion of her house is hidden by the Mountain Ash tree.) Just a few years later she was left a widow with 6 children to raise. Emma, an entrepreneur, became a shopkeeper, postmistress and landlady.

Stunning vista.

Clothes on the line seen so often.

Traditional house.

A lot of restoration.

Cape Bonavista Lighthouse started operation in 1841. The 2 story wooden home was built around the circular lighthouse.

First time we saw a light like this. It came from Scotland where it first was used in 1811. The original was replaced with this one in 1805.

It worked by gears. Incredible devise for 1811.

The lighthouse keeper had to keep the light working and also clean the windows. That included cleaning the outside of the windows. See the handles on the outside of the window frame!!!

When the weight in this closet reached the bottom it is time to wind the gears.

The kitchen included an oven (on the left). First time I've seen an oven like this.

Women had really tiny waists at that time.

Alphabet blocks for the light keeper's children.


All the items in the lighthouse were donated. The lady whose family donated this chest shared many stories about her family and the economy of current Bonavista.

Rocks, majestic Bonavista Bay, beautiful sunshine and blue skies.

The water is so clear you can see the rocks what seems like several feet into the sea.

Mockbegger Plantation. Plantation meaning those living here were self sufficient, they grew and supplied all they needed for living.

Table set for tea in the "Ladies Room."

So inviting.

Kitchen with linoleum floor.

Table in the hallway.

A praying kneeler in Grandmother's room.

Ceramic "piggy." Filled with hot water and put in bed to warm your toes.

Two fuses were enough for this house in 1939.

Bonavista Bay Harbour.

Puffin chair. We hope to see real puffins.

And we did!

They were that far away. But with binoculars and a good zoom lens we were able to see them. It was interesting to watch them fly of into the sea. They looked like little torpedoes. So cute.

How exciting to see them, sometimes people don't get to see them.

A photo of a photo to show puffins with capelins. Tiny fish the puffins love.

Now the hike back to our RVs. But it sure was exciting to see the puffins.

One more thing to see in this countryside outside of Elliston. Root cellars. There are over 100 root cellars in the Root Cellar Capital of the world. The oldest root cellar was built in 1839.

Beautiful beach at Sandy Cove Beach and Elliston Municipal Park.

After another FULL day of exploring we are at Paradise Farm RV Park outside of Elliston, NL.
Location:Bonavista Peninsula, NL

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