Monday, August 6, 2012

Canada, Joggins, N. S. and Prince Edward Island, 8/6/12

Canada, Joggins, N. S. and Prince Edward Island, 8/6/12: On the Road Again Monday Aug. 6. Happy birthday to Phil and Happy 46th Anniversary to the two of us. Wow, who would have thought we would travel the many journeys we have!!!! First living in 7 different places our first 8 years of marriage, then settled in the same town for 38 years, raising three terrific children, seeing them in strong and loving relationships and blessed with four wonderful grandchildren. We have been led, blessed by and protected by God in so many ways.

Visited Joggins Fossil Cliffs where fossils from 325 million to 310 million years old can be found.

First is the actual tree fossil. This is the imprint of the fossil into the rock.

On our guided tour someone found this tiny fossilized branch. Nothing is to be taken from the area. So the gal who found it threw it over her shoulder. After doing that, the tour guide, on second thought, wanted to take it back to the Center. See all the couldn't be found!

We found this Lepidodendron tree fossil. Actually the tour guide showed us one earlier.

Iron nugget encased around a piece of wood.

This is a remnant of a coal mine. Coal mining started in 1600's and continued almost 400 years in this area 6 million tons were removed from 83 mines. Last mine closed in 1980.

Approaching the 8 mile long Confederation Bridge to Prince Edward Island.

Summerside toys.

Tourist wharf.

The green and gold of Prince Edward Island. Grain fields.

And potato fields. Picturesque flat countryside.

Notre Dame-du-Mont Carmel near Mont Carmel.

We stayed at Moonlight Park near Cap Egmont. Good thing we didn't come yesterday. It was a Provincial Holiday today and many campers had been here but went home. We got seafood chowder, scallops, fish and chips from a local "take out" place that the camp host recommended. It was good. I did laundry but there was only one machine so it took a few hours, but now it's done. Nice place, would stay again, clean showers and restroom, but could be updated.
Location:Joggins, N. S., Summerside and Cape Egmont, Prince Edward Island

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