Thursday, August 2, 2012

Canada, Peggy's Cove, Nov Scotia, 8/2/12

Canada, Peggy's Cove, Nov Scotia, 8/2/12: On the Road Again Thursday Aug. 2 and a good day to travel to Nova Scotia.

We drove through drizzle and RAIN to Peggy's Cove in Nova Scotia. It was overcast when we arrived at 5 pm but still a lot of people. It is said to be the most photographed lighthouse in Canada. Too bad the sun isn't out.

The granite is said to be 350 million years old.

Carrying my umbrella kept the rain away.

The granite is so impervious the water, wind and storms cannot break it down.

Wells are 360 ft. deep through granite. Many use cisterns and buy bottled water.

In 1811 six fishermen and their families saw this place as a sheltered cove and having abundant fish. They were deeded 800 acres by King George III.

Tools of their trade.

Waiting for lobster season to open. So are we.

A big buoy and Ellie

A delightful little town.

A work in tribute to the fishermen. As the weather cannot erode away the granite, it was VERY difficult for the artists to work on the stone. But they finished their tribute.

Grace; protection of the fishermen

Bounty from the sea

And work.

We visited the Memorial commemorating the Sept 2, 1998 Crash of Swissair.

We saw someone with a G force decal and got excited that he was a Packer fan. Turns out he is with a group of girls from Saskatchewan competing in the National softball tournament and they came out to see the Memorial.

After traveling 275 miles we are staying at Wayside Campground at Glen Margaret, Nova Scotia. We are so blest and grateful to be on this journey. It's been another GREAT day.
Location:Peggy's Cove and Glen Margaret, Nova Scotia

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