Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Canada, Back in the U.S.A. 8/29/12

Canada, Back in the U.S.A. 8/29/12: On the Road Again Tuesday Aug. 29

Stopped to buy blueberry jam that people raved about.

Took a free 20 minute ferry to Deer Island. Good thing we weren't first in line. When they were ready for vehicles to load they just tooted their horn. We just followed the truck ahead of us a don we went.

Then a ferry to Campobello Island. We had to pay for the 20 minute ride but I saw a seal and a whale or dolphin. Well worth the price. It was a smooth crossing on a beautiful sunny day.

But there wasn't a dock for the ferry to pull up to. It just dropped the gangplank onto the the beach.

At Friar's Head observation deck on the Island we were treated with a SPECIAL thrill.

We saw 6 eagles soaring above us for 20 minutes. Later we heard someone saw 13 eagles soaring.

Franklin D. Roosevelt summer cottage on Campobello Island is an International Park. He spent some of his summers here from the age of one until shortly before his death.

The dining room.

What a beautiful view to look out.

There were 18 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. Quite a cottage wouldn't you say!

There was a classroom for the tutor to teach FDR and Eleanor's 6 children.

Megaphone was used by Eleanor to call the children for meals.

Heating up the irons.

Milholland Point lighthouse was built in 1885.

We crossed the FDR Memorial Bridge to go through U. S. Customs. All was ok until he saw the oranges. We had two. I asked could we eat them..he said yes. They were worried about the orange peels. So we ate our oranges and were free to enter the U. S.

Wow, what great places we have visited in Canada for 41 days. If my calculations are right we traveled over 7,120 miles in Canada. Add in our ferry rides of possibly 240 miles. What a fantastic country we have seen, visited with so many Canadians and tourists. So many memories to relive.

We are staying at Walmart in Augusta, ME.
Location:Campobello Island International Park and Augusta, ME

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