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Canada, Sy. Anthony, NL, 8/15/12

Canada, Sy. Anthony, NL, 8/15/12: On the Road Again Wednesday Aug. 15. Happy birthday wishes to my Mom. She would have been 91 today. Thanks, Mom, for all you love and guidance over the years. You continue to journey with me.

Traveling through Rocky Harbour.

To St. Anthony.

At the Grenfell Interpretative Centre we learned of the medical missionary Sir Wilfred Grenfell. He had a passion for ministering to the Labrador and Newfoundland residents. They were in fishing villages only accessible by boat.

These are models of the hospital eventually built. Before the hospital was built Sir Grenfell tended to the residents by boat. A donor gave a ship that was turned into a hospital ship.

Stained glass window at Washington Cathedral in Washington, D. C. Christ the Healer, Louis Pasteur, the medical scientist, and Sir Wilfred Grenfell, the Labrador Doctor.

Grenfell knew the natives needed clothing that was lightweight and durable. A company made 600 thread count cotton fabric was dcreated by a British company. The fabric is still used today with additional finishes, rainproof, etc.

Grenfell was also an artist. Seems I have seen this picture before. "A Labrador Feast."

Grenfell realized the patients in the hospital needed to do something useful. This is called "Mat Hooked" procedure. The fishermen realized they were overfishing and set a moratorium.

Beautiful garden outside the Centre.

A bee enjoying the sedum.

The lobby has artwork depicting the residents of the area. Blue signified the somber life for people before Sir Grenfell. Red signifies their more comfortable life after his coming and the many workers who followed him.

Fisherman with outstretched arms signifying the abundance of cod.

Two women walking with snowshoes on their back and shelf with cooking utensils.

Inuit family. Deep blue/green is the color of Labradorite, a semi-precious stone used for jewelry.

Flags outside of the Hospital: U. S., England, Newfoundland and Canada. Those who have supported the Labrador - Grenfell Health system.

We toured the Grenfell family home.

Three whale teeth and two walrus tusks.

Reindeer is also called woodland caribou.

We stayed at Triple Falls RV Park. Nice campground, clean showers and restrooms. Slow wifi.

Looking forward to another great day tomorrow.

P.S. It was cold. We used our furnace overnight set at 55 degrees. Felt very good.

Location:St. Anthony, NFLD

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