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Canada, Cape Breton Highlands National Park, 8/10/12

Canada, Cape Breton Highlands National Park, 8/10/12: On the Road Again Friday Aug. 10

To Judique on Cape Breton Island

Pictures of their Tartan Gardens.

We took the self tour of the Cape Breton Music Interpretive Centre. Gaelic music is a combination of fiddles and piano and influenced by bagpipes and the Gaelic language.

There were fiddles you could play and take a lessons.

I tried. No comment. Hope no one other than Phil could here me. They had 7 different rhythms of Gaelic music described and recordings of the music. Jig, waltz, lament, march, strathspeys, reel and polka. It was a very interesting Centre.

We stopped at a dock in Port Hood.

Beautiful sunny St. Georges Bay

We have been driving the Ceilidh Trail. See a store: Fiddle and Stitches

Amazing scenery.

Towns are listed in English and Gaelic.

Cheticamp Hooked Rug Museum. This rug made for the town of Cheticamp's Bicentennial 1785 to 1985.

Forty beautiful rugs on display.

510 colors used, took 11 months to make it.

Important people and events in Canada's history. 416 colors used, to 8 months to make, 7 miles of yarn, 1,750,000 stitches.

An Acadian lady led the tour, explained the process of hooking the rugs and showed us how the hooking is done.

We split the sampling of Acadian food. At 12 is meat pie, next beans, then blood pudding (ground pork with spices including cloves), stew and in the center a fish cake. It was yummy, the Blood pudding interesting. Had to try it.

We also split chicken fricot, a very hearty soup.

The Cabot Trail is a paved road that originally was just a foot trail through Cape Breton Island.

It is one of the most spectacular drives in North America.

We hiked the Skyline Trail to the overlook onto the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

The trail was level until the steps down to this landing.

But the incredible view is worth it. Spectacular!!

We camped at the National campground near Cheticamp. Another amazing day.

Location:Cape Breton Highlands National Park

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