Friday, August 17, 2012

Canada, Labrador, 8/17/12

Canada, Labrador, 8/17/12: On the Road Again Friday Aug. 17

Phil and I were up at 5:30 am so we could get in line to buy ferry tickets for Labrador for Barb, Sharon, Linda, Tom, Phil and I. The six of us went in our RV. We tried to make reservations online last night but couldn't. We were frustrated because we thought the wifi connection at the RV park was so slow. Turns out all reserved spaces were taken but there are spaces for walk ups.

So we got on board the 8:15 ferry to Blanc Sablon, Quebec. The 6 mile crossing was 1 3/4 hour.

A semi loaded with lumber also going to Labrador. Over the years the vast forests of trees were harvested on Labrador. Now they import lumber. The growing conditions are so harsh that trees and other growth is stunted.

The ferry port is in Quebec. We traveled 5 km. to Labrador.

Point Amour Lighthouse, Labrador, second tallest lighthouse in Canada, started working in 1858. Ships traveling through the Strait of Belle Isle could shorten their trip into mainland Canada by 2 days rather than going around southern Newfoundland. But it could be a dangerous passage because of fog, ice and strong currents.

At the base of the lighthouse the walls are 6 feet thick, at the top 4 feet thick. They needed to be so thick to withstand the strong winds.

Looking out from the top of the lighthouse. Our RV is the third vehicle from the right in the parking lot.

Naturally formed rocks on the beach.

Patch reef formed 530 million years ago.

Ruins of Marconi Wireless Telegraph Station. It was built in 1904 mainly for the Atlantic shipping industry but it also connected Labrador to the world.

Seal skin. People have lived in the Labrador Straits for 9,000 years. Seals were source of food, clothing and shelter.

L'Anse Amour Burial. This mound of rocks is the earliest known funeral monument. A walrus tusk, bird bone whistle, antler pendant, paint stones and a harpoon head were found along with the bones of a 12 year old child.

We didn't have return reservations to Newfoundland so got back to the ticket office for the ferry at 1 pm. Being the first in line for "walk up" tickets we hoped would assure us a ride on the 3:45 ferry. There were 17 walk up vehicles hoping to get on the morning return ferry. Only 7 got on. They were ahead of us in line. We all had soup/sandwich lunch and a taste of bakeapple (wild berries) at the diner of the ferry terminal. Then we got in the RV and got in line to wait and wait and WAIT. We were one of the last vehicles to go on the ferry. We did a big sign of relief and cries of jubilee and thank you, God! We were last in our row and there was about 3 feet behind us for the door to close. The guys loading the ferry sure know how to use all the space available.

If we hadn't gotten on the 3:45 Phil and I would have been able to get on the 8 pm ferry. The other four would have gone as walk ons. The ticket agent said there were more openings on the 8 pm ferry. But we were thrilled to be on and get back to the St. Barbe RV Park for the night. Whew!

Well, we went to Labrador. It was not as easy as we thought but we talked to people who traveled across Labrador on the roads from Quebec. The inland roads of Labrador were not always easy to travel on.

The journeys continue tomorrow.
Location:St. Barbe, NFLD & Labrador

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