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Canada, Baddeck, N. S. 8/28/12

Canada, Baddeck, N. S. 8/28/12: On the Road Again Tuesday Aug. 28

First we said farewell to our fellow Roadtrekkers who we have been traveling with the last two weeks. Dick and Barb from MN retired to AZ 17 years ago.

Linda and Tom are from Florida, the other Roadtrek couple we traveled with. We will miss them as we head back to the Midwest. They are continuing on to Halifax and more exploration of Nova Scotia. We also miss Denny and Sharon who traveled with us the first week in Newfoundland.

Windows at Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site. Among Bell's many inventions was a tetrahedral kite. It is pyramid shape.

The design was used in the Silver Dart. On Feb. 23, 1909 Bell's airplane made the first controlled, powered flight in Canada and the British Empire.

This very rare 1910 French kite is over 100 years old. Kites were influential in Bell's work. He toured many countries. Kites on display were from some of the countries he visited.

German kite with a teddy bear in front. Kites were more than toys. Also used meteorology, aerial advertising and photography.

Malayasian kite.

North American "Barn Door" kite first used in the early 1800's.

Because Bell's mother was deaf he was always interested in helping the deaf. In 1879 he invented an audiometer that is used to detect hearing loss. He worked with electricity for years and thought sound could be transmitted electrically.

Duplication of the first phone.

The patent was granted in 1875 but a great deal of improvements had to be made. This is a duplication of the transmitter of the first sound.

First commercial box telephone. It was both the transmitter and the receiver.

Silver model of the inside of a box telephone.

Bell thought sound could be transmitted by light. He created a phone that worked without wires. This photophone transmitter was developed in April, 1880.

Photophone receiver. Clouds and rain interfered with the sound making it impractical at the time. Still Bell thought of this as his greatest invention... A man ahead of his time.

The battery for the photophone.

He worked on a design for a hydrofoil boat. His fourth hydrofoil boat HD-4 set a world marine speed record 9/9/1919.

Bell created the graphophone.

The Historic Site is here because he lived here and formed the Aerial Experiment Association. The Silver Dart airplane was developed here. He did experiments with the hydrofoil boats here. It was amazing to learn of the accomplishments of Bell.

It started to drizzle as we started on our journey to New Brunswick. Then it rained and even downpours. It would stop and then start the cycle again. We stayed overnight at Walmart in Moncton.
Location:Baddeck, Nova Scotia

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