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Canada, Cape Breton Highlands National Park, and Newfoundland, 8/11 & 12/12

Canada, Cape Breton Highlands National Park, and Newfoundland, 8/11 & 12/12: On the Road Again Saturday Aug. 11

A placard on the Cabot Trail. Hard to explain the vastness and the zigzagging of the road as it contours the mountains.

We hiked to the Lone Shieling, a building that would shelter the Scottish crofter and his livestock when weather was inclement.

We walked through a protected forest of 350 years old sugar maples.

Another hike was to the MacIntosh Brook

And waterfall.

Interesting fallen tree.

Tiny little maple trees can grow in the shelter of the maple shade.

Glad we took our walking sticks. They came in handy.

Chipmunk having a mushroom.

We stopped at Cabot's Landing Provincial Park where JohnCabot is believed to have landed June 24, 1497. He was looking for way to Asia, sponsored by Henry VII.

We drove to Bay St. Lawrence at the top of the island.

The Cabot trail road continued to be windy.

We took a short (1/4 mile at the most) ferry across St. Ann's Bay into Englishtown. We went to Mass at St. Joseph Parish in North Sydney. Total miles so far....4,100.

On the Road Again Sunday Aug. 12, another day we have something scheduled. (otherwise we just journey along, we have an idea where we are going, but can get sidetracked at times)

We are going on a ferry to Newfoundland.

This is a much bigger ferry than the other two we traveled on in Nova Scotia!!!!

We had to be at the dock at 9 am, started loading at 10, left North Sydney at 11 am and arrived at Port aux Basques, Newfoundland at 4 pm. 100 mile ferry ride, very comfortable and great visiting along the way.

It's overcast but the sun is trying to greet us. We drove 125 miles to Corner Brook.

Here we are in Newfoundland, four Roadtrek couples traveling together. We didn't see the moose on the drive (I was working on the blog) but one of the couple saw a moose. Looking forward to great adventures in NFLD.
Location:Cape Breton Highlands National Park, North Sydney, and Corner Brook, NFLD

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