Thursday, July 17, 2014

Denali Dog Sled & Park, 7/15 &16/2014

On the road again Wednesday July 16
Before the Dog Sled Demonstration at Denali National Park we were able to walk around the dogs.
 Some were lackadaisical toward the spectators. Just laid on the house.
 Or inside.

Some of the hundreds of spectators.
  When they knew it was time to be chosen for the "run" they got so excited. Yipping and howling. Pick me, pick me.
 When they had the gear on it's "come on, let's get going."
I videoed the "run" so don't have that picture. But here they are as calm as can be. After their short run they are chewing on their bones.   The dogs are used in the winter to patrol the Park. Snowmobiles can't be used in the minus 40 degree winter because they freeze up.
Pictures taken at 10 pm.

Our overnight was a true "Wendell experience." He is a RV'er who always finds a place to stay other than a campground. We stayed at a turnout on Parks Hwy, three miles from the Park. Two other couples stayed there too. As they told us of their fishing success they said would you like some salmon. Yes. Would love it. This is another thing Wendell always talks about, people giving his fish, lobster, vegetables. Unless marked "No Overnight Parking" it is permissible to stay overnight at the pullouts in Alaska. We finally did it.

In our travels we stayed at two city campgrounds where it was free. We also stayed at Walmart's, IGA and 2 gas stations. We stayed at 27 campgrounds. We only made reservations once (Denali) otherwise no problems getting a campsite. Price has ranged from $32.70 (Banff National Park) to $5 at Glacier National Park (U. S.).

On the road again Thursday July 17
After checking in Savage Campground we went on the Mountain Vista Trail.  Savage Campground opened in 1923 and was used till 1938.   In 1939 a hotel was opened near the railroad station.
 Have I mentioned lately how awesome the scenery is.

 Interesting top of a tree. Looks like a Christmas decoration.
Green Tortoise has sleeping arrangements for 18 people. They pitch their pup tents but also have bunk beds inside. So many different ways to travel.

We are camping at Denali! A dream of so many campers.

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