Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Kenai, 7/8 & 9/2014

On the road again Tuesaday July 8
 Leaving Homer on a beautiful sunny day.

 Fishing lagoon reflects the beautiful sky today.
Holy Assumption of Virgin Mary Russian Orthodox Church, Kenai, was founded in 1816.  The building built in 1894-95.
 St Nicholas Chapel was built in 1906.
Michael gave us an excellent tour of the Russian cabins.  He was a wealth of interesting facts about the people who lived in these cabins from early 1900 to 1950's.
Not a playhouse but storage for meat.  
Poles were stripped of all bark so they'd be too slippery for animals to crawl up.
 Cabin of three bachelors.
 Wolf and coyote.
 This home was built in 1902 but portions dated back to 1848.  It was a social club, candy store, theater and church before becoming a private residence.
"Thank You" boxcar from France for U.S. assistance in World War I.
 Trout on display at the Kenai Visitors Center.  This area will be overrun by fishermen starting July 10 when they expect the salmon run to begin.  July 17 may be the peak.
 Beautiful quilt.
 Some boats are lining up already.
 We visited the Kenai Flats.
And spotted 6 sandhill cranes.  
We learned yesterday that the cranes take the red mud and darken their feathers.

We stayed at Walmart in Kenai.  Tom got a fishing license and had a few hours fishing.  One got away from him.  He's eager to go tomorrow.  

On the road again Wednesday July 9.  It's a lay back day for us.  I have been working on the blog at the library.  Phil had time to update the checkbook and other things.  Tom and Linda are out fishing.

It's great to have a lay back...catch up day.

Many more adventures to come.

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