Tuesday, July 22, 2014

South on Richardson Hwy 7/21 & 22/2014

On the road again Monday July 22
 With the sun shining the scenery is most spectacular.
 Pipeline in the distance.
 Wendell Mountain Range
 Mount Sanford, I think. 16,237 ft.
Approaching Worthington Glacier

Jan. 24, 2014 an avalanche blocked the only road into Valdez for over a week.

 The river cut this cave in the avalanche.
Cowslip is seen everywhere. We have been warned not to touch the juice of the plant.  It causes severe burns.
Bridal Veil Falls.  Photos can't capture the magnitude nor beauty.
 Stopping in Keystone Canyon
 Lowe River near Valdez
 Walk down from our campsite on the River
 Salmon coming into spawn
 Thousands...no, millions are returning to the fish hatchery

 They work so hard. Have not eaten since they started their return from the ocean. So sad to see them struggle against the water's current but their determination is so strong.
Lots of Bald eagles here because there are so many fish. Also saw sea otters and sea lions. Heard there had been a mom ear and her cubs but no one has seen them this week.

At our campsite we met Andy and Rita, fellow Roadtrekkers.  They are from California.  Also visited with Dan and Helen from Kansas.  They have been doing a lot of fishing and blessed us with some frozen salmon.  Look forward to having that.

On the road again Tuesday July 22
Another beautiful sunny day. Temp in the 60's.  We drove to town.   Met a gal who calls Valdez home but lives solo in her 32 ft. boat in the summer (to get away from the tourists).  She said even though they get 27 feet of snow annually the streets are cleared by morning after a four foot snowstorm. She says we are the richest town in Alaska because of the taxes from the pipeline.

It was a day of cleaning the freezer, grocery shopping, washing the RV and I worked on the blog at the library.  A busy "catch up" day ended with more visiting with Tom and Linda and new Roadtrek friends.  Also talked with a gal from Wisconsin who took the ferry on the way up.   We have reservations out of Skagway with several stops on the way.

Have I mentioned how friendly people are. Yes, indeed.
We stayed on Dayville Road along the Lowe River.


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