Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Juneau 7/30/2014

On the road again Wednesday July 30
 Mendenhall Glacier Park
 Map shows how much the the glacier has receded.  In 1909 it thoroughly enclosed the Lake.
 A roaring waterfall near the glacier.

 Beautiful sunny day.
 Interesting plant looks like pine cones but is afoot parasite called ground cone.
Evidence of the grinding of rocks by the glacier.  We watched the salmon running on a creek in the park.  We just missed a mama bear and two cubs catching and eating fish.
Shrine of St. Theresa, north of Juneau

A wedding was in progress so we couldn't go in the Chapel.
Just so captivating to look out at the awesome scenery.

I thought of all my blessing as I walked the labyrinth. 

                         Precious little puffin added with St Francis.
Interesting plant called Devils Claw.

This morning before we started our sight seeing we drove to Mendenhall Lake USFS (Forest Service) Campground to get a campsite.  Good price $5. a night.  Amazing setting in the forest and some sites overlook Mendenhall Lake.

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