Sunday, July 27, 2014

Whitehorse & Carcross, YK 7/27/2014

On the road again Sunday July 27
 To the Beringia Interpretive Centre to learn about Mammoths and giant beaver.
 Giant Beaver  was the largest rodent known.  Length 8 ft  and weighed 480 pounds.
But more interesting was learning about the mass of land (green area) joining the lands we know as Alaska and Russia.  We watched a very informative video about the Era.

 Giant Short Faced Bear
 Wooly mammoth

Again spectacular drive from Whitehorse.

Breathtaking beautiful Emerald Lake
I'm disappointed that my photos didn't capture the real beauty.

Can you see our rv.

We were completing a walking tour of the town of Carcross when we came to St John the Baptist Catholic Church.

We had the honor of visiting with Bishop Gary Gordon.  He is currently the Bishop of the Whitehorse, YK diocese.  August 1 he will become the Bishop of Victoria, B. C.  He was so talkative and friendly.   He asked us to pray for a new Bishop to be appointed soon for Whitehorse.
Artwork outside and inside a gallery.
Carving of antlers

Carcross Visitors Centre
First Nation

A new Totem pole will be raised tomorrow.

Bennett Lake
Spectacular scenery continues

Guess elevation is high.  We're up near the clouds.

This land is described as "moonscape" because of the barrenness.

We stayed overnight at a rest area high in the mountains.

Again spectacular. Neat to see the cloud wrap around the mountains.

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