Saturday, July 19, 2014

Denali bus ride 7/19/2014

On the road again Saturday July 19
 On a Denali bus ride again.....three sleeping bears.  The quality of the photos aren't so good because we are MILES from the animals.
 Can you see the grader?  they really work hard on these narrow one way roads.
 Braided rivers.  the silt builds up in one spots and the water finds a new stream to create.
 Oh, interesting drop offs.  One riders was panicking & thinking the driver was too close to the edge.  Gets interesting when two buses are meeting.
I have to post a picture of the Dall sheep.  Probably 5 miles away.
 at the Toklat Visitor Center.  Phil says hurry take the picture.  These caribou antlers are heavy.

 The Visitor Center tent stays up all year.  When the staff came in the spring they found the door was open and 2 feet of snow.
 More sheep.

A great bus trip again.  Saw the same type of animals we saw yesterday.  Continues to be exciting each time.

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