Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fairbanks, 7/2/14

On the road again Wednesday July 2
 To the Fairbanks Visitor Center again because they had a museum we didn't see the other day.  Here's an Arctic ground squirrel.  He has remarkable metabolism.  His body's temperature drops to 27 degrees F. without freezing.  Also learned about interesting wood frogs, pipeline, coal discovery and so much more.
Incredible artwork display

 In the afternoon we used the Internet at the Public Library so I could work on the blog.  The previous posts were from the iPad.  I realize the photos aren't as good as when posted from the computer.  Sorry about the previous quality.
In the evening we went on a nature walk.  Tree swallow.  Most of the trail was blocked by water over the walkway.   In fact Day Camp tents were flooded.  A hiker said the rain amount the last few days has been 2 1/2 inches but they had a great deal of rain the week before.  This is VERY unusual.  They say Fairbanks is usually DRY.
This is called an IOWA barn.
 Tractor from 1934.  Metal wheels.

We got a tour of the inside of the barn.
How many gals marvel at barns.....again I saw can't take the farm out of me.

We stayed at Walmart again.

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