Sunday, July 20, 2014

Denali Hwy. 7/20/2014

On the road again Sunday July 20
 Heading to church on rainy construction roads.
 Holy Mary of Guadalupe Church is a simple church building but filled with dynamic people.
It was a privilege to witness a Baptism.
 At our campsite we had rain and 36 degrees this morning.  Fresh snow on the mountains.

 First 20 miles of the Denali Hwy are paved.  Then 113 miles of gravel roads.
 But the sunshine and jaw dropping scenery make the 5 hours to travel go quickly.
 Have to stop and take pictures.
 Wooden bridge

 2/3 way we were so glad to stop at the rest area.  Gravel roads are very bumpy.
 The skies are wide open.

Great outlook at the Tangle Lake Campground.  Wow is it windy here. 
Volunteer camp host stopped to visit.  Interesting and amazing guy.

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