Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Skagway 7/30/2014

On the road again Wednesday July 30
Driving past the bay near Dyea.  Just majestic.

Water is an amazing green.
Slide Cemetery for those who died in an avalanche on April 3, 1898.  
Possibly 65 stampeders were killed on the Chilkoot Trail.

 Our last visit in Skagway.
“The most photographed building in Alaska.”  Built in 1899 as headquarters for arctic brotherhood Camp Skagway No. 1.  The facade, constructed a year later, consists of more than 8,800 pieces of driftwood collected from local tidal flats.

 Gallery with amazing artwork.  We have friends at home with the name Kirsme.
Beautiful wood art work
 We visited the Sarah Palin store.

 Big Class A exiting the ferry we will take.
 Waiting to get on the ferry.
 The Rotel that we have been seeing around Alaska.
 Leaving Skagway the cruise ships are barely visible.  Dyea was in the valley to the left.
 Leaving the city of Haines, a ferry stop.

Oh, are we driving straight out?  No.  We had to back up and then drive out.  
The ferry workers are so good at fitting in as many vehicles as possible.

We drove to Mendenhall Lake Campground but it was locked because it was after 10 pm.  
So we drove back to the ferry terminal and camped there overnight.

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