Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fairbanks & Chena Hot Springs 7/3/14

On the road again Thursday July 3
 WW II Lend-Lease Monument
 Artwork on the steam vents
 Immaculate Conception parish was founded in 1904.  When this church was in the way of bridge construction, it was moved across the iced over river.
 monument to the Unknown Family.
Aurora Ice Museum at Chena Hot Springs.
Amazing Ice Sculptures  

 Igloo that can be rented out for overnight stay.
 The bed.  No shower or toilet, no running water.  The Ice Museum is 25 degrees F.
 When I take a photo with the flash things are white.
 No flash the colors show up.
 Another bed for overnight stay.
 Christmas tree.
 Xylophone music rang true.

 Everyone was given parkas to wear.

 Coca Cola polar bear.
 Here's the bar.  We didn't pay $15 for a aple-tini in a carved ice glass.
 Chapel area for weddings.
 Had a tour of the plant where they use innovative ways to make energy for the complex.
 They grow lettuce for the restaurant.
Also tomatoes and cucumbers.

 They start all the plants from seeds.
 The flowers were in full bloom.
We were so VERY relaxed after our time in the hot spring pool that we took a nap.  The advantage of traveling in our little home. 
I went back in after my nap.  So relaxing.

When driving out from Fairbanks since it was the 4th of July weekend I thought we should get a campsite before going to Chena Hot Springs.  When we got there we found out there were spaces available.  Bummer.  We went back to our campsite at Tors Trailhead.  The mosquitos would have been less at Chena.  Should have called before we left Fairbnks.  When half way there we lost cell reception.  Oh, well.  Got our use of the Hot Springs anyway.

Another day of lasting memories.

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